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Participants will be able to…


● Assemble an Arduino microcontroller and sensors. The Arduino microcontroller is an easy to use hardware and software platform.


 ● Program the  Arduino microcontroller and collect data from the sensors.


●Assemble a Cubesat frame with the micrcontroller. A cubesat is a square shaped minature satellite.


● Assemble a Cubesat frame with the microcontroller.  A Cubesat is a square shaped miniature satellite. 


● Launch, communicate with, and recover a balloon mission.


 ● Communicate with Cubesats on suborbital and orbital missions.


● Collect, present, and disseminate data collected from Cubesat missions.
Watch our Serenity II Orbital Satellite make it to orbit aboard Firefly Aerospace’s FLT002 mission!

November 2022 Zero G Cubesat Research Flights

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