Christopher Murphy

Gloversville, NY


The experiment will involve the positive correlation between altitude and radiation levels. A control will be established with an unprotected electromagnetic radiation detector. A rubber coating that contains lead based compounds will be used to block radiation at increased altitudes in the experimental group . The purpose of such an experiment would be military based. Pilots are flying at increase altitudes and being exposed to increased radiation levels. Because the experiment is in accordance to the military, the insulating factor must also scatter or absorb radar. A Lead zirconate (PbZrO3) based rubber is being used for insulation from radiation due to the fact that the lead is contained in a compound, and is not exhibiting metallic properties. In order to reduce radar detection metallic properties must be removed from the compound. However, the dense nucleus of lead will continue to exhibit the property of absorbing the radiation. Rubber that contains PbZrO3 had been produced, albeit it is not commercially available. If this rubber cannot be procured or synthesized, the ceramic form will instead be used to insulate the electromagnetic detector.


Flights and Data:


27 February 2018 High Altitude Balloon Mission from Gloversville Highschool, NY. Flight data charts created by student High Altitude Achievement balloon club:
Balloon Altitude vs UV Alt vs Temp


11 September 2016 aboard Perlan II stratospheric glider from El Calafate, Argentina. Flight Manifest here: Perlan Flight 19 Manifest