Build It

This page will be continuously updated with new information and resources to help you design and build your own cubesat experiment.


Teachers in Space focuses on training teachers how to build Arduino based Cubesats with their students. We hold in-person workshops, online meetings, and other virtual opportunites to walk teachers through the process of assembling and programming an Arduino-based experiment.


If you are interested in hosting a TIS workshop for teachers, or another type of training, please send an email to [email protected].

2022-2023 Spaceflight Experiments

Introductory Cubesat Sensors, Hardware, & Tools


All participants in our 2022 Summer Spaceflight Experiments workshops are invited to participate in our Spaceflight Experiments build program. Take a look at the slides and video of the kickoff meeting for details.


Download and Print the Cubesat Frame

You can download and print the components if you haven’t purchased a kit. Hardware can be purchased from Amazon or local retailers.

Required Hardware:

12 – M3 x 25 + 6 Nylon Standoffs

4 – M3 x 10 + 6 Nylon Standoffs

4 – M3 x 10 Nylon Standoffs

6 – M3 x 5 Nylon Standoffs

8 – Countersunk M3 x 12 Screws

8 – Countersunk m3 x 16 Screws

12 – Pan Head M3 x 5 Screws

8 – M3 Nuts

Optional : M3 Washers for Spacers