Pathway to Space

2021: TIS is working with Blue Origin’s Club for the Future to launch student-made postcards to the upper atmosphere and space. Tracking will be handled by QR codes affixed to the postcards so that students can see the chain of custody from the time that they first receive the postcard to when they get it back from a flight.

2022: In partnership with the New Mexico Space Grant Consortium, The Cosmosphere, and the Maine Space Grant Consortium, Teachers in Space put on week-long workshops in New Mexico, Kansas, and Maine to train teachers how to build Arduino-based CubeSats with their students.


Teachers in Space launches the Serenity orbital satellite to orbit aboard Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha rocket.

2023: Student-made experiments from classrooms of teachers who attended the 2022 workshops will be selected to launch on suborbital flights on Blue Origin rockets.

2024: Teachers to be launched on suborbital and orbital flights???